Terms and conditions on professional chopping boards

On our range of professional counterfibre cutting boards we offer 3 additional services and guarantees to enhance the product:

  1. Lifetime product warranty
  2. A free restoration of the cutting board surface
  3. Wax and cloth for maintenance

    However, these services may be subject to some limitations.

    The methods and limitations of the 3 additional services are detailed below:

    1. Lifetime product warranty

    We guarantee the construction quality of the product for the entire duration of its life which obviously varies based on its thickness and frequency of use.

    This means that, with correct use of the cutting board, it will never suffer disabling deformations or detachments of the elements of which it is composed.

    All defects and damages resulting from incorrect use of the cutting board such as cracks, breakages, detachments or warping/deformations relating to user errors such as:

    • Washing the cutting board in the dishwasher
    • Prolonged immersion of the cutting board in liquids
    • Use of aggressive products
    • Storage of wet cutting boards in closed, poorly ventilated places
    • Parking near strong heat sources
    • Parking under the sun or generally outside
    • Improper use of the cutting board
    • Lack of maintenance over time

    For defects therefore attributable to the production of the cutting board, the latter will be replaced with an identical cutting board at no additional cost.

    2. A free restoration of the cutting board surface

    This service consists in the regeneration of the cutting board by eliminating a thickness sufficient to bring the cutting board back to a condition comparable to new.

    The limitation is temporal, that is, the service is valid exclusively in the first 5 years of life of the cutting board and only upon presentation of a payment receipt for the same or a guarantee issued by us inside the package in which it is delivered.

    We reserve the right to deny this service only if the thickness of the cutting board does not allow such processing as in the case of low thickness cutting boards for which such processing could compromise its stability.

    3. Wax and cloth for maintenance

    Inside the package you will find a 30 ml sample of InCut Wax and a suitable cloth for its application


    By purchasing a cutting board from the professional line you accept these terms and conditions