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Live Edge cutting boards, what they are and particular characteristics

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The Natural Elegance of Live Edge Cutting Boards

When we talk about cutting boards, we often think of classic face grain, side grain and end grain wooden cutting boards.

But there is one option that stands out for its unique beauty and natural style: live edge cutting boards.

Let's find out what makes these cutting boards so special and why they might be the perfect choice for your kitchen.

The Charm of Live Edge

Live edge cutting boards are known for their charming, natural aesthetic.

Unlike traditional cutting boards, these retain the natural edge of the tree trunk, retaining its unique shape and characteristics.

This means that each live edge cutting board is a unique piece, with grains and imperfections that tell the story of the tree from which it was made.

These cutting boards are face grain cutting boards in all respects, with a couple of small differences:

  • They are almost never made up of multiple pieces glued together (except for special requests)
  • They maintain the natural edge

Advantages of Live Edge Cutting Boards:

1. Unique Aesthetics:

The main advantage of live edge cutting boards is their stunning beauty.

The natural edge and wood grain create a rustic and elegant look that can add a touch of nature and originality to your kitchen.

2. Unique pieces:

Being made from tree trunks, each live edge cutting board is one of a kind.

This means you'll have a piece of kitchen decor that no one else has, making your kitchen truly special.

3. Resistance:

Despite their delicate beauty, live edge cutting boards are solid and resistant, this is because the high thickness of the raw timber boards from which they are made is usually maintained.

They can thus withstand cutting and chopping food without problems, making them a practical and attractive addition to your kitchen.

Disadvantages of Live Edge Cutting Boards:

1. Maintenance:

Live edge cutting boards require regular maintenance to maintain their beauty over time. It is important to clean and oil them periodically to avoid damage.

2. Price:

Because of their uniqueness and craftsmanship, live edge cutting boards tend to have a higher price tag than traditional cutting boards. However, many believe that their aesthetic value and originality justify their cost.

Live edge cherry cutting board


Live edge cutting boards are a great option for those looking for a cutting board that stands out for its natural beauty and unique character.

If you want to add a touch of rustic elegance to your kitchen and are willing to spend a little time maintaining it, then a live edge cutting board might be the perfect choice.

Each cutting board is a natural piece of art that will accompany you on your culinary adventures and enrich the ambience of your kitchen and we have some models here , but you can contact us here if you want to create your own.

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