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How to sanitize a wooden chopping board in the best way (scientific method)

Come igienizzare un tagliere in legno nel migliore dei modi (metodo scentifico) - InCut

Sanitizing is important

Sanitizing surfaces is a good practice. By sanitizing the surfaces you avoid contamination, the formation of bad odors and the elimination of stubborn dirt.

Even the wooden cutting board needs to be sanitized to be used safely. In fact, wood, being a hygroscopic material, absorbs water favoring the proliferation of bacteria and, furthermore, the grooves left by knives are points where colonies of bacteria can grow undisturbed.

But don't worry, there is a solution to all this.

How to sanitize a wooden cutting board?

Let's dispel the popular myths about lemon, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and so on, because they are ineffective and sometimes even counterproductive.

We also once recommended it, but then we asked ourselves: "is it true that lemon disinfects the cutting board or is it just a cliché?" and in a future article we will explain why.

The most effective way to sanitize a wooden cutting board is with Amuchina Spray .

It should simply be applied to the cutting board and left to act without rinsing.

The Amuchina is certified for use on surfaces that are in contact with food and guarantees the elimination of viruses and bacteria for a safe and thoroughly sanitized cutting board.

How do we know this? We contacted Angelini customer service directly to obtain this information.

But sanitization is not enough. To have a completely safe cutting board, correct use is necessary. As we explored in the article on cleaning a wooden cutting board , the use of different cutting boards, their periodic change and careful maintenance are the prerequisites for thorough hygiene.

Speaking of maintenance…

The maintenance of a wooden cutting board occurs through the application of certain protective oils and waxes designed for this purpose.

You can find these products directly on our website and we will shortly publish an article that will talk exclusively about the maintenance of a wooden cutting board.

In our blog you will find all the information about the world of wooden cutting boards.

We are InCut, two craftsmen who create top quality wooden cutting boards and who have made this ancient tool their work, interpreting it in a modern way.

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